Dear Diary, When did I stop being Cool? When I was driving the 3rd spawn to school this week, I tried to be Cool Dad and “Relate” but all I got was the eye roll. Yes my baby has perfected the teenage eye roll. I mean my coolness can’t be that out of style and yes I have style damn it, Rock’n, Groovy and not to mention very Bitch’n STYLE!!! She doesn’t realize, as cool as she thinks she is, I was 10 times cooler and any coolness she has now is from me, why don’t they appreciate this? the conversation went a little like this;

Cool Dad: So Whaazzzzup?

Cool Daughter: (No response)

Cool Dad: Anything cool happen’n at school?

Cool Daughter: (Eye roll)

Cool Dad: Got any crazy plans this weekend?

Cool Daughter: (Eye roll, slips on headphones)

(Awkward Silence for 10 minutes)

Cool Dad: Boy is that T Swizzle kill’n it or what?

Cool Daughter: (Eye roll  and the “are you still talking to me look”)

Cool Dad: Good talk!, Good talk!

Well I think she knows now just how cool her Dad is. I am sure she went straight to her friends and said “You would not believe how cool my Dad is” …”He’s so Fly”. or it went down like this; “OMG my Dad is such a weirdo, just kill me if I have to drive with him again!” and I believe she went on to say to her friends; “Anything cool happen’n at school today? anyone got crazy plans this weekend? Isn’t T Swizzle kill’n it or what?”