Dear Diary, I’m puzzled, I wander around the house and I find old used dryer sheets all over the floor. The laundry tends to lose socks but the used dryer sheets seem to multiply like zebra mussels. They must be infused with some kind of poison or Kryptonite. It seems only Fat Dads are immune from this toxic material because I am the only who will bend over to pick them up. Maybe it’s because they just cant see them, its white crinkly texture must blend in and camouflage perfectly against the brown carpet. Thank goodness they don’t make this stuff in Realtree, we all would end up getting buried in mountains of used dryer sheets. Well, I guess until they figure out the exact science of why only I can touch the used dryer sheets, just like the empty toilet paper rolls, I’m will assume the heavy load of this burden. I will continue this rant in another series of blogs as the whole laundry process is a mystery to me like;

  1. Your socks get stuck in the pant legs,
  2. You only take out your cloths from the dryer
  3. You only wash your cloths from the hamper
  4. You leave the wet towels in the washer to get moldy, etc, etc,

I must go now as I hear the buzz of the dryer, it’s telling the family my job is complete, this high pitch alert system seems to be only heard by me as well.