Dear Diary, God Bless America! Our country of freedom and prosperity. What went wrong? Politics have become a platform for legalized extortion of money and a place to garner power. Wow, there it is, Money & Power, this is not what our founding fathers wanted, in fact they said this behavior will corrupt our system. Our constitutions hasn’t changed in 226 years, so why are we as Americans allowing this to happen? Well, I believe it’s because our moral culture has declined to such a level, we now just accept the new normal. The media is setting a moral standard to serve a certain one sided agenda and like a train wreck, its hard not to watch. Our children are being influenced and somehow believe the news and not their parents, shocker!

Is is OK to live off of the government and take advantage of hard working folks? Do we need to to have free education? Get a grip folks, if its too good to be true… We could take care of all sorts of benefits for Americans if the country wasn’t 17 trillion dollars in debt. Why are we standing around watching the government waste our hard earned tax dollars on programs that make no sense and get their friends jobs. Oh that’s right their all about jobs,,, for their friends.

We need to come to reality and take our country back! TERM LIMITS would be a great start. How about we pay each elected official the current median income of a single family in their City, County or State and if they want a raise, they just need to improve the economy of their community. If the area they represent is in debt, then they get paid minimum wage until they are in the black. Lets put them on commission, then we would get hard working folks running to actually serve the citizens not themselves. Business minded folks, they know what to do if things aren’t solvent. They know how to make cuts and turn economies around. Don’t even get me started on social issues, lets take social issues out of the federal government and leave those particulars to the States, then you can decide on what State you want to live in.

Not my funniest blog, but I don’t need to add anymore humor to our current political situation, they are keeping the Nation in stitches all on their own. Please ask the Lord to be by your side when you Vote November 8th as along as he’s with you, no matter who wins, you will be blessed!