Dear Diary, how’d I get so lucky? With the rate of divorce as high as it is, what makes this thing tick?  July 8, 1989 was “A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”, sorry couldn’t resist. On this day my whole life changed. I know what you were thinking, you didn’t finish your thought, “for the Better”?!. Well I wasn’t sure, we just started our life together and I was hoping for the better not worse. A lot has happened in 26 years and here’s a little trip down memory lane:

1989 We rented our 1st apartment, my Baby worked for an advertising agency and I was a radio DJ. Bought our 1st kitty Joe Joe!

1990 we rented our 2nd apartment to save money, it was next to an adult book store and our cars were broke into and the laundry facility looked like a room from a horror movie, that was fun. Then came Kitty #2 Peaches.

1991 bought our 1st house, the 1st night we slept there with no furniture only a Mattress on the floor. It was so exciting.

1992 had a baby boy, that damn mattress on the floor, my whole life changed again and yes for the better! My wife was a stay at home Mom or as I called her, Wonder Women. Then I bought a restaurant with a new baby & a new house, what other secure jobs were out there, Ha, Ha.

1994 we moved to suburbia on an acre of land and riding lawnmower! Life is good and that’s where we still reside today, could never afford to move again.

1995 I got that women pregnant again and took her shoes! Our baby girl was on the way.

1998 Our restaurant burned down, be careful what you pray for but thank you Jesus!

1998 I got that women pregnant again with our 3rd baby girl!, is there no stopping my Manhood!

2000 I got a vasectomy,,, stopped my Manhood!

2001 Got our 1st doggie, Cocoa Bean!

2001 – 2011 –Raised kids, went work, new cats came & disappeared, repeat – very blurry times.

2011 my oldest son graduated High School.

2014 my middle daughter graduated High School.

2015 We have been married 26 years. The kids are all back home, my youngest is going to be a junior in High School this year and the 2 others are in college. I would never get rid of my wife, there’s no way in hell I am doing this alone.  Not to mention it has all been for the BETTER! I love you darling & always will, God has blessed me with you and even though I don’t tell you much anymore, you need to know my love for you grows stronger every day, even 26 years later. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart and thanks for not bailing on me,,, yet. 🙂