I am a 50 year old married middle class father of 3. I have been married all day, everyday for more than 25 years. I am not sure what is harder, raising kids or marriage? I find them both challenging and wonderful at the same time. I am soul searching the past and anticipating my future to figure out how to be a better me. I have had an amazing life with many careers that has created a wonderful journey so far. I have worked in construction, sanitation, retail, restaurants, insurance, technology and media. Most of these were entrepreneurial careers and some short stint jobs too meaningless to mention. My whole life I’ve always asked; Whats next? at this point in my life and maybe that’s why they call it a crisis, I am asking whats left? I guess everyone one goes through this “Mid-life Crisis” scenario to figure out their home stretch journey.

I decided to journal some of my life’s experiences and my personal commentary on current events with my family and career to help me through this mid-life strategy. I am a middle aged Fat Dad and I hope through this blog we can have an open conversation on how all of the Fat Dads of the world can get through this together. Plus our wives and kids will understand why we are so weird, 🙂

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    1. Tennis shoes and you really qualify when you need to take a breath to bend-over and tie them 🙂 David, I hope you are doing well, I think of you often, lets talk real soon!


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