Most of you know how I feel about my Dad! You’ve probably seen many posts on how cool he was and you saw how sad we all were when he passed. But I had another Dad that was just as amazing, my father-in-law Dale Harshbarger. I never had to experience a horrible In-Law story because I had a perfect In-Law family. My family’s heart aches this week with the loss of a Husband, Father & Grandfather and an Amazing Father-in-Law!!!

My son had a wonderful tribute & post on social media on how we miss so many opportunities to recognize people on this earth while they are still alive. I think Dale knew how much I loved and respected him but I never really told him what an amazing legacy and life he had and that I admired him so much. If I could have a second chance I would tell him, thank you for welcoming me in your home as a son. Thank you for your trust in me with your daughter. Thank you for being a wonderful Grandfather to my children and most of all thank you for the Love you gave all of us, unconditionally!