OK Fat Dads, the Holidays are coming!

Fat Dad Diaries

That is cute,

Oh no that’s cute…

look at this, sooo cute!

Did you see these, they are just adorable!

If you would like to hear this dialogue for hours and hours, you just need to only attend one event, a Christmas Craft & Antique Show. Ya, I was one of about 4 guys in the joint but I had nothing better to do with my Saturday, so I tagged along.

Normally I do not attend sure whimsical events like this, but for years my wife and her posse of crafty ladies have been having all the fun. I also get her coming back from this female cult event with judgement, “why can’t you be that creative and handy and build me some cute & adorable crafts? so I figured, how hard could it be?

So we attended the “Pickn’ Christmas Vintage Show & Artisan Market”. As we entered the…

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