To my Dad,
Thank you for teaching me how to:
Pee in the woods, cause we can!
Spit with the wind
Drive a boat
Water ski
Drive a clutch (3 on the tree)
Fix a car
Master of Duct tape
Ride a motorcycle
Work with wood
Play music
Play softball
Cuss while golfing
Cuss while driving (cause all other drivers are idiots)
Catch Fish
Smoke fish
Smoke fine tobacco
Play poker
Refined taste for Hamms and Rainier beer
Tell jokes
Choose friends
Treat women
How to be Charitable
And strong.
Enjoy fine foods like:
Spaghetti with soy sauce
Corned beef hash
Pepperoni as a meal
Pickled pigs feet
Pickled eggs.
Fried pork rinds
Thank you Dad for being loving, kind, strong and compassionate, all at the right time.
Thank you for teaching me its ok to cry, laugh at life and do what makes me happy.
Thank you for your sacrifices for us kids, we knew.
Thank you for putting family 1st.
You have earned your wings Dad, you are going to make a great guardian angel. Keep your babies under your watchful protection.
I love you Dad, you will be forever in my heart.