That is cute,

Oh no that’s cute…

look at this, sooo cute!

Did you see these, they are just adorable!

If you would like to hear this dialogue for hours and hours, you just need to only attend one event, a Christmas Craft & Antique Show. Ya, I was one of about 4 guys in the joint but I had nothing better to do with my Saturday, so I tagged along.

Normally I do not attend sure whimsical events like this, but for years my wife and her posse of crafty ladies have been having all the fun. I also get her coming back from this female cult event with judgement, “why can’t you be that creative and handy and build me some cute & adorable crafts? so I figured, how hard could it be?

So we attended the “Pickn’ Christmas Vintage Show & Artisan Market”. As we entered the event, I just watched my baby girl, what wonderful thing is sooo adorable she can’t live without it, I just watched and listened. I waited patiently for the magic words, and then it trumpeted out among the “oh that’s so cute” murmurs… And then she said it…”well that’s adorable”! OK, I have my craft, I reach for my camera phone and she looks back and yells, “STOP” you can’t take pictures here, that’s there idea and your stealing. Oh no, they really don’t like  you taking photo’s, well that a fine haw do ya do. How the heck am I to impress my crafty Lady if I don’t have plagiarized plans? what, you mean, be creative, on my own, oh hell no.

Then as I was reading all the crafty signs you would hang in your home during the holidays, these were plagiarized like crazy. I thought, wait, there were signs that had all sorts of Christmas lyrics, like “Baby its Cold Outside” & “Let it Snow..” and they are afraid of me stealing their copied signs. I know some of the stuff was made from antique items, like old wooden fencing made to look like Christmas Trees or old milk jugs, that look like Snowmen. Well if they need a reality check, most of us men wouldn’t get a craft done even if we go straight down to the Hobby Lobby and buy all this stuff, let alone, we take the time to go Pickin’ and then Creating… They truly have never met a Fat Dad!

Well I did walk away with some research. I noted, my Crafty Wife did not make a purchase. She always comes home with something at least, Super Cute or Totally Adorable.  I think having me there put the skids on her purchasing knicky knacks. Just like it does with me when I bring her to Cabelas. Looks like I’ll be going to a lot of Crafty Shows in the future, so that one idea will come from the Pickers heaven and then I can be the Husband envy of the posse of Crafty Ladies.