Dear Diary, Here is  great financial tip and I aint blowing smoke. Now might be a great time to invest in a fast food Restaurants if you live in the State of Washington. The state of Washington passed RD421 that means mucho sales for Taco Bell, McDoodles & any other late night drive thru, they can anticipate banner sales in the coming years. I think I could start a reality show just on the fast food drive thru’s antics. Unfortunately for those who are not high, the fast in fast food has became very “not fast” or as I like to call it, slow groovy food. The slow undecisive order taking caused by our new law has made the entire menu delicious.  So, if your in the great “Green” State of Washington, grab a puff cause we are no longer in a big hurry to do anything. Back in the day the only thing holding up my two all beef patties was a fat Mom in a mini van full of kids.