Dear Diary, The Powerball Lottery is now a billion dollars. What would I do with all that money?  I know we have all thought about how we would spend the money if we ever won. I think we’ve all prayed to the lord that if he’ll grant this one miracle, we would give it all away to charity. Thank the Lord, I am an official non-profit, this just might work out well for me.

Well, I would give to my family and friends 1st! I want us all to be retired so we can travel & do stuff together. Then I would think about Charities and Good Churches that need help, how cool would it be to give away millions of dollars to local charities.

I hate to say it but the next thing I would do is make sure the haters would know I won. I know its not the christian way of thinking, sorry Lord. I would throw a party, hand out the checks to my friends and current clients and tag the haters in the photo on social media. Then their friends would ask them, how much did you get? Didn’t you know him? Ooh Snap! Remember Loyalty is still alive and well in my world and that Loyalty swings both ways.

So as I dream of the day I win the lottery and find friends sleeking out of the woodwork for their cut, I will remind myself how fortunate I am. Once you have found peace in Jesus, you have won more than the Lottery. Remember a Billion bucks wont buy yourself into the Everlasting Kingdom but it will make the wait a bit easier. 🙂