Dear Diary, This news years resolution is simple, no more resolutions. I am trying to figure out why this New Years Eve wasn’t a big deal to me. I know the older we get the more things matter less but usually Dec 31st was the one time of year we did a little something. We did manage to go see the 6:20 showing of Mockingjay part II but that put us right home at 8:30 Rock’n the EVE with Seacrest.

My wife thought I was depressed, don’t know why she thinks that, I’m 51, fat, and cant stay up past 9:30 most nights and constant Jenny Craig reminders that your life can be better, whats to be depressed about? This Year, for some reason, New Years Eve was just another day, no reason to celebrate after doing it 50 times in a row.

I also think I know why its become fanfare-less, I have a great life! Not perfect but great all the same. I celebrate all the days of the year, no need for a hangover at my age. My God, Wife and Kids Love me for what I am, I am already so blessed! so Happy Eve of the next day everyday! If you have a  bad day make the next one better and start over with a clean slate and new resolutions if you want. You don’t need one day of the year to mark the great do-overs of your life, you can have a do-over every day.  

I wish you all peace, love & harmony everyday, not just in 2016, but always and forever! God Bless, Fat Dad!