Dear Diary, Sorry I haven’t written in a long time, I have been busy! When your 51, you probably have kids from teens to young adults and if your parents are still alive, they are Old! I know, that was mean, was it? We will all be there someday, but in the meantime its our responsibility to make sure the kids grow up and out,,, and the parents stay out of trouble. This is a full-time job with no training.

As for the kids, I think we have figured them out or at least we did all we could, good luck ya’ll. The raising of parents is a new mystery. When you get in this position they are usually in poor health and now its our turn to take care of their needs. The good news is, it comes with free prescriptions which you both will need to get you through these crazy times. I have learned many things, if a parent has Dementia or Alzheimer, then ask the Lord to give you patience and understanding of repeated thoughts, this is a skill you will need to master. Don’t get frustrated just listen as if its the 1st time you heard it. If your parent just had surgery, remember it takes longer to heal the older they are. They need our company to get them thru this. Keep in mind, there was a time when they raised us, we repeated ourselves a lot and had lots of the same questions. When we got sick, they were our nurse. Get ready for pudding and eating dinner at 3:30, because now it’s your turn.

We all start off with a walker and we will end up using it again someday. Yes our life has now came full circle and it is our time to be the parents of parents & children. The Best medicine is Love & Understanding, this seems to be the best prescription next to Xanax,  no matter what the outcome. Life will go on but time may not, so don’t miss a minute to spend the precious time we have with each other before it runs out. Remember, your children will see how we are taking care of our parents and that will be their guide when it comes time to take care of us, now that’s a thinker.