Happy Halloween!

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Have a Merry Christmas!

My favorite time of year for food is fall & winter. I love the spring & summer for weather, camping, fishing & hunting, so I guess I love the whole year.  But let’s talk holiday fare. Halloween brings parties with bratwurst, chili, assorted soups and Halloween candy, I just gained 4 pounds just saying all that. Let’s keep put’in on the poundage, Thanksgiving, a Jenny Craig dream holiday. I think holidays were invented for all the weight loss programs, brilliant marketing! Don’t read anymore if you’re on a diet, cause this will kill it.  Let’s talk turkey, slow roasted buttery Butterball based turkey, moist in the bird Mrs. Cubbisons stuffing, mashed Grown in Idaho creamy potatoes with hot homemade gravy from the greasy drippings, stop,, give me a moment. Yep about 5 pounds! Not sure what you do for Christmas, we have the traditional seven fishes or a 21 century version of the seven fishes. This is an Old Italian tradition and who am I to break tradition, ever see a skinny Italian, not too many. Being full blooded Italian, I can say that. Ready; #1 Fresh Dungeness cracked Crab, #2 Sautéed or fried Shrimp, #3 Clams #4 fried oyster #5 Baccalà, an Italian salted fish baked to perfection. #6 ,,,well, let’s just call it, the 5 fishes. We have another Italian Christmas tradition, White Spaghetti with homemade Meatballs in marinara sauce. If that’s not enough, we fry bread and dip it in sugar so we have something to eat while we cook. No one dare call these doughnuts. I consider that about a 6 pound gain on Christmas day. God, Family, Friends and Jenny Craig are all invited to my house this holiday season, because at the end of the day it all about living life walking in the Lords light. So have a blessed holiday season and remember this year there will be more of you to love,,, about 15 pound more! 🙂