Dear Fat Dad,,, a lot like Dear Abby, I get inquires for advise, very scary they would want my wisdom but what the heck. I get e-mails from fellow Fat Dads and even their better half’s wanting to learn more about what motivates a true Fat Dad. For example;
Dear Fat Dad, my wife says she is board and wants more from me. What should I do to make her life more exciting?

Dear Fat Boring Dad, if you want to please your bride, then do something like, well I don’t know, maybe, talk to her. Yes you need to listen when she talks too and respond back to her with; I know how you feel, I feel the same way, “insert hug”.

Dear Fat Dad, my fat husband just sits around and our life is routine, how do I get him off the couch?

Dear Mrs. Routine, there are 3 things that can move a lifeless fat husband off the couch; 1. Stand between him and the TV naked 2. Holding a Pizza 3. And a 6 pack of Beer.

If you’re looking for common sense answers to everyday problems, I am here to help. Leave your questions in the comments below and they will be answered sometime after football season, cause I care that much!