Dear Diary, This week was a stressful one, not sure why but I couldn’t wait for the weekend to sleep in. I grind out of bed during the week, hitting the snooze alarm about 1,000 times. The top of my alarm clock looks like the face of a worn classic rock guitar that has been played for 20 years. The patina is faded and it has been has been hit so many times you can barely make out the word “snooze”.  Come Saturday morning I don’t even set it, yet it taunts me every time I wake up. It usually reads 10 minutes before I usually wake up during the week. I think it sends out a telepathic buzz just to wake me up and say, you’re not smacking me today sleepy boy.

It’s Friday night, I even stayed up a bit later than normal cause I’m sleep’n til noon Saturday! I wake up Saturday refreshed, well rested, couldn’t sleep another 5 minutes; I must have had 10, 12 hours of solid Zzz’s. Then I realize it looks kind of dark outside so I look down at my alarm clock it 4:45am. What the heck, it better be Sunday, why can’t I sleep in on the weekends? Curse you keeper of time, mocking me with those beady little numbers.

It’s a wild Saturday night, just about 8:15pm and I’m ready to party. I get my kitchen snacks; Wheat thins, sliced cheddar cheese & Bud Light Lime, we get’n crazy tonight! I warm up the plasma and go to the guide, what sensational programs are going to rock this party?  You would think on a rock’n Saturday night there would be something among 557 channels worth watching. Not sure what happened next somehow 90 minutes passed and I was still staring at the guide, wow that’s one strong Bud Light. I told you, it was going to get real! Well looks like another Sunday morning hangover coming my way, this surely will force me to sleep in till noon.

Well good morning Sunday, its 6:15am so that’s an improvement, I’ll take the 15 minutes and wait for the burst of energy that will supply me before my noon nap. In the good ole days, I could finish off 12 beers and not be forced into a nap. Partying is cheaper the older you get but the entertainment values could use a face lift. With all the sinning I did Saturday night, I think Church and forgiveness is in order this morning, right after my nap. 🙂