Dear Diary, its Father’s day and I have full day of Dad doing nothing planned. The one day a year we Fat Dads don’t get bothered, at least before noon. 1st thing this morning my youngest was up and ready to give dear ole Dad his 1st of 3 Father’s day gifts. Now I don’t mind the typical father’s day gifts i.e. Shirts & Ties but the one thing I have never gotten has been the token “World Greatest Dad” coffee mug. After 23 years of being an official Fat Dad I got my mug!  Well close, it says “Best Dad Everest” plus it has a carabiner handle.  My youngest and I are planning a backpacking trip this summer so it was a perfect gift.

Then my middle daughter got me 2 great casual shirts and a bumper sticker that says EWU DAD, which translates into BROKE DAD. I love it and I will wave the “Proud Dad of an Eaglet” on my car proudly. I already knew what my oldest son was getting his Old Man, I negotiated this a month ago, and I wanted him to detail my car. This is safer gift than possibly getting a case of beer that would work out to be more of a together gift for him & me.

Well it’s been another successful Father’s day and my wife is making slow cooked BBQ ribs for dinner which will cap off the day perfectly. I wish all the Fat Dads out there an amazing day of hopefully doing nothing or at least the chores of your choice. I don’t know if I ever got my Dad the World Greatest Coffee Mug in the last 50 years, but if I didn’t Dad, you’re the greatest and the best Everest! Now that I have seen what you had to go through I wish I would have bought you a 57 Chevy! I Love you Dad, you are truly the Greatest! 🙂