Dear Diary, it just dawned on me, I do know 2 languages. I never thought I could learn another language at my age. It just so happens I have been learning one for many years and didn’t realize it. I now can fluently understand Wife’ish. No, it’s not an ancient Native American language. Although I bet the Indian Chiefs of each tribe had to figure it out what their wife speak meant. Let me show you some examples and see if you are fluent in Wife’ish.

Wife’ish: Are you done with your dinner?

English: Can you put your dish in the dishwasher?

Wife’ish: Are you watching this show?

English: Can you please change the channel to my show?

Wife’ish: Are you finished in the Bathroom?

English: Could you please light a match when you’re done?

Wife’ish: Oh were you going to sit down?

English: Can you do a few more things before you sit down?

Wife’ish: Are you swinging by the store on your way home?

English: Swing by the store before you come home?

Wife’ish: Can you take my car into work tomorrow?

English: You need to put gas in my car?

Wife’ish: YAWN, Oh I am so tired?

English: No nookie tonight?

There are many dialects and accents that go along with Wife’ish so Fat Dads you better learn this coded language sooner than later. On the other hand, there are some Man’ish I believe she is starting to understand and typically for men, it’s a pretty simple language, for example;

Man’ish: I’m Hungry

English: I’m Hungry

Man’ish: I’m Tired

English: I’m Tired

Man’ish: I want Nookie

English: I want Nookie

We are a simple creatures with only 3 things that keep us alive. 🙂