Dear Diary, why is it when you finally start doing something for yourself, she wants to talk. You can go for weeks and she never wants to start a serious conversation until you finally decide to start a personal project. You may start reading a book, plot a personal strategy for growth on your recliner or dissect the latest ingredients of a future snack in the cupboard. Just when you get started with your very important task, now she wants your undivided attention.  I usually have the keen Husband sensory switch on, you know, what to listen to and what to ignore. It seems lately, my radar fails me every time she needs my undivided attention. Here are 5 helpful tips Fat Dads need to know when she wants your attention;

  1. Honey, do I need to stop everything I am doing now and hang on your every word?
  2. Darling, will I need to write this down?
  3. Baby Girl, do you want me to stop reading the 1st book I ever wanted to read?
  4. Pookey Bear, should I cancel the only show I wanted to watch this week?
  5. What the hell now? I mean, what’s on your mind Pumpkin, you sound very passionate.

Once you have these 5 lifesaving rules memorized, you can dodge a future 1 hour dissertation about your listening skills. Keep those skills sharp fellas; your undivided attention is basically free to give but priceless to her. If you really want to know how much your undivided attention can cost you, try using words like;

  1. Not now, I’m busy.
  2. Can we talk about this later?
  3. Seriously, you want to do this now?

I think you get the point and you have all heard “Happy Wife, Happy Life” but I think this one hits harder “Sad Wife, , , Long, , , Long , , , Life”. Remember there’s always DVR & time to start that book you’ll never finish.