Dear Diary, tomorrow I reach another milestone, my youngest is turning 16, sweet 16. Whats so sweet about it? she stopped being sweet at 13. She is a sweet girl with most unless you’re her Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister. She is the baby so she gets away with it.

She was my tomboy turned teen tortured artist. She always wanted to hang with Dad in the garage and help me work on stuff or as I call it, lose my tools. I sure miss those days, “hey Dad lets build something”. I really didn’t care what project I was working on at the time, if my angel wanted to build something, I was all in. I did realize at that time, I wouldn’t get those opportunities back.

She passed her drivers test last week so it looks like tomorrow we have another teen driver on the road and an increase on auto insurance, Yay me. I also need to buy another car for Ms. Andretti, it just keeps getting better. I can retire at 68, at that age I will need her to drive me around, so I better get her a nice car.

I am supper proud of her, she is loving, caring and most importantly a believer and Christ follower! I will take this milestone as another win and wait for the day she returns to the garage to build something with dear old Dad. The wood and the dreams of creating another birdhouse will be ready.