Dear diary, I didn’t think cleaning out the garage could ever get emotional. Every shelf has an old school project or a toy once played with. These have seem to be forgotten but never thrown out. I could not bring myself the throw out the old soap box derby cars or painted lemonade stand signs. The memories came flooding back like yesterday,  kids on a warm summer day, at the end of the driveway, starting a lemonade empire . Not to long ago I was feeling sad about missing and forgetting life events. I find it hard to remember things that happened in the last 20 years. If you have the same old timers I have, I recommend a good garage cleansing, this should bring back a few precious memories if your a pack rat like me.

I did donate the old store bought toys, like about 20 flat balls and one of the last kids small bicycles. I really miss the things I worked to so hard to make happen. I worked hard on preparing my kids to grow up, to be responsible independent adults, so one day they could leave the nest. Now that 2 of 3 have flown the coupe, like any empty nest, it’s just feathers and shit lying around with no squawking mouths to feed. Remind me again Lord why I miss that. 🙂