Dear diary, why does it take 2 hours to get out of bed? I guess like and old car, it takes longer to warm it up before we put it in drive. I remember the day, Teens to 30’s – eyes opened up and I could shift straight into overdrive. Now the yawning starts at 8:30pm and I find my way to the pillows about 10:15ish.

I usually wake up many times during the night because the ole bladder wants to party, we went to 4 great parties last night. There seems to be a pattern of when the bladder likes to party, it starts at 11:15 pm and then someone calls us out at 1:30am. Then no one calls until 2:40am and last call is about 3:50am. I know the bandwidth is shrinking and I think it time to call the cable company to get more speed.

I then wake up again about 5:50am, guessing, is it an after-hours party or is it time to really get up, I know I need to get out of bed at 6am, so why do I head right back to bed. Is the 10 minutes really going to help? I think it’s because I can’t balance myself for more than 2 minutes before 6am, so I must lay back down.

There’s only one thing that really gets me out of bed, work! I don’t think I should ever retire, I don’t think I would ever leave my bed. I would be like Grandpa Joe on Charlie & Chocolate Factory, just give me 3 squares & a bed pan. I guess there’s time for that later, in the meantime I will update my cable subscription and hopefully slow the late night/early morning party schedule.