Dear diary, I usually have weekly irritations that happen to me and they aren’t quite big enough to write 500 words on. I really feel I need to get them off my chest, so I am starting a series called “the Sunday Itch”. This self-medicating therapy will hopefully help me understand and grow deeper patients for irritating folks I run into each week.

This weeks Itch; Women Drivers, “Gasp”, yes I said it with my outside voice and I say it loud, “Women Shopping Cart Drivers” Arrgg! That’s right not cars but shopping carts. Oh, I can feel the hate comments coming, so I feel for my own safety, this must come with a disclaimer; this only goes out to the women I have never met.

When driving a shopping cart ladies, use the same rules of the road. Pass on the left but stay to the right as you push forward. I find most of you drive right down the middle of the isle as if you are the store manager making an isle check, newsflash ladies, you don’t work there. When approaching an unmarked intersection, stop, look both ways and allow or invite the person to your right to go 1st.  Finally have a list and make a damn decision, grab your product and move to your next items.

We all run into friends and neighbors at the store. I know your natural reaction is to catch up on all the worlds’ gossip right in the middle of the isle, because no else has shit to do that day but you. Just in case others may have a life, please pull your party over to the right and chat away.

It is a proven fact that all women have ninja type skills when it comes to multiple recognition behaviors. In fact resent research showed the average women can react too and recall up to 8 conversation while listening to them at the same time. So I find it mind boggling that you will sit in the middle of the grocery isle and pretend not to see me trying to pass you on your left, oh that’s right I forgot, you own the store and I don’t have a life.