Dear Diary, my oldest and only son runs on dreams, just like his old man. I feel bad for him because he was our 1st born. He was the winner of two brand new parents that didn’t have a Dr. Spocks clue in hell on raising kids. This was our trial and error kid; poor kid never saw it coming. I suppose every family has one, the test pilot kid, I think this is why he is so independent and stubborn. He was trying to raise us as we were trying to raise him, I think he won.

We eventually figured it out with the other two, they might not think so, if we had any bad parenting skills left they can blame their brother. As a proud Fat Dad, the apple of my eye, the son, the next President of the United States or Pro Skateboarder, I knew he could be whatever he wanted to be. Why not, he comes from my loins. If we only had the crystal ball back at his age, we would have made better choices. Well now we have that Crystal Ball, it’s called wisdom, but your son won’t look into it with you. Stubborn perhaps, who does he get that from? The person he got those damn good looks from.

What to do with a dreamer? I say let him dream,,, responsively. We can only push so hard before CPS gets involved. Mom likes to give him the talk, oh he just hates the talk. These kids carry a weird parent force field that parents can only tear down with repeated lectures. My wife is a master at this, I didn’t understand it at 1st but now I do, why is she repeating herself over & over again. It’s her 50 caliber ammunition to penetrate the force field, great job kitten, keep blasting.  I on the other hand try the cool Fat Dad approach, good cop – bad cop tactics. Well ya can’t stop the parenting, just ask my Mom, she’ll still throws down an Italian guilt lecture if I have it coming and I’m 50.

So buddy, just know we yell, cause we care 🙂 Just think, if we didn’t care, we couldn’t have so many of these amazing talks. You’re a great young man with misguided priorities, welcome to your 20’s. One day you’ll wake up and realize that your Dad was right and your Mom will still be repeating herself.