Dear Diary, yesterday I meet up with a friend, I haven’t seen in person in years. He & I have done business together, he has been my employer, he has been my friend but most importantly he has been my brother in Christ Jesus. I know, here it comes, Bible thumping. Well hold on, I am not going to preach,,, much.

I just wanted to reflect on those special people in your life. They come and go and sometimes come back again. I love this part of Gods plan, oops there I go again, and well it’s true. I think the older we get, it’s not just about today, it’s more about the journey.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people I hope I never run into again because they may have not been the best influences in my life. I do not hold too much resentment for those who burned me in life, but I can run a slow burn, so that’s always interesting when that flavor crazy rears its head. I do think I have a forgiving heart, given the proper healing time.

But yesterday was a continuing journey I will treasure with my friend David. Normally we live a 1000 miles apart, figuratively, so it’s been years, but this week we found ourselves about 2 hours apart from each other. So we both drove an hour to meet at a restaurant in the middle of the state. I know this sounds more like a bromance, don’t judge, we leave that to Jesus, oops slipped him in again. It was like we just saw each other the day before and not much time had passed, we had a 4 hour lunch and the conversation was just like old times. My only regret is we didn’t get a picture, since we were so caught up on catching up.

I can’t tell you what we talked about because they say these blogs should only be 300 to 500 words, but I can tell you this. I hope all of you have a special mentor or mentors in your life and if you do and you haven’t talked with them in while, call them and meet up with them in person. You will get what I got; love, tears, laughs & life’s lessons plus the opportunity to tell them how they have been a positive part of your life.

As the time grew on and our lives started to get interrupted with today’s technology, it was time to say goodbye. I did get the chance to tell him and most importantly thank him for affecting my life and he told me the same. We talked about getting together more often and at our ages we really need to make those efforts to connect with old friend, just say’in, Gods has a plan!