Dear Diary, this week I was honored with an award. I usually have the inside scoop on these things but I was totally surprised to be presented with the “Volunteer of the Year Award” by the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. I was so taken back, I don’t even remember what I said in my speech of thanks, and I guess that’s a good thing because I have the opportunity in today’s digital world to thanks folks properly.

THANK YOU, Lord Jesus Christ, you taught me why having a servant heart is everything and I embrace my calling.

Thank you, Greater Spokane Valley Chamber; it’s easy to give back and working alongside like-minded folks who give back as much as I do. What an Honor!

I know she hates this but, Thank you to my wonderful wife, who understands now, why I do what I do. She makes the sacrifice of time for me and will always be my #1 volunteer of the year.

I will do anything for the betterment of my community, so I find it easy to volunteer. This is a place I Work, Play & Pray. When you love your community so much, you want it to thrive.

The most important reason I give back is simple, my children. I want to show them what a servant’s heart looks like. The true gift is, seeing my kids give back to the same community in their own way.

My son will not allow us to go by a starving street musician, who is trying to entertain the community and supports himself or his family without dropping tokens into his guitar case. During the Holidays, I have seen him take out the last of his own money and put it in the kettle.

My oldest daughter joined many clubs in middle and high school like Key Club. She was involved in every non-profit drive that came her way. She spent late nights making blankets for the military or darting off to the next car wash or diaper drive.

Last year, my youngest daughter earlier in the evening told my wife & me she did very well on a school test that she was worried about. Later that evening she came to the store with me to do some shopping, so I told her to pick out a treat to celebrate her good grade. We proceeded down the can food aisle and she started to grab canned food not on the list, as she saw I was confused, she said this is what I want for my treat, I want to donate this food to the High School food drive.

Yes it’s partly about having a Proud Fat Dad moment, but it’s mostly about teaching the next generation, compassion comes from having a servants heart, mission accomplished!