Dear Diary, I have sad news to report, my 1994 Ford F-250 diesel pickup truck was sold. There is a connection with a man and his truck most women can never understand. It’s more than another family vehicle, it’s a family relationship. I believe it’s because it does more than get you from point A to point B. It is part of the family life, from taking your junk to the dump to pulling a friend out of a ditch.

A Man feels measured by his truck, I’m not saying in a “Big Truck, Small Hands” kind of way. There are few things that are yours, the truck is yours! I am sure I will get backlash from the “Real Girls Drive Trucks” club, don’t care, that’s the boy coming out in the girl, but a boy is a boy and trucks are for men. I think that’s got to be a Bible verse.

So I say goodbye my friend, Thank you for being such a great truck. We have had so many memories together, a lot of great adventures and you always kept me safe. You are going to be a farm truck now. I know you’ll be happy there; I made sure your new owner would take good care of you. I’ll miss ya boy, hope to see you on the road sometime.