Dear Diary, This will be a short blog, because I am just looking for any information on how to change an empty roll of toilet paper on the dispenser and add a new roll on for my family. There must be better instructions out there, because I’ve tried to teach them but they may be too embarrassed to admit they don’t understand. Not one person in my family knows how to change a roll except me. This engineering marvel of technology should not come so complicated, How does such a tasking design make it to market, frustrating. If anyone can help or design a self loading toilet paper dispenser, I know the members of this family would be so grateful. if not I will forever be the last person to hold the secret of toilet roll dispenser. The good news is the extra rolls are just across the hall in the linen closet. Super convenient if you have already started your business, you only need to walk 7 steps with your pants hanging 1/2 off.