Dear Diary, One move in special, one teen daughter going off to college and moving into her dorm for the 1st time. So grab the whole damn family because were all go’in off to college and get’in rid of Sissy. Even though my oldest son was already out of the house he wanted to come and make sure his sister made it ok, or was it the free dinner he knew we would have after we finished decorating her dorm room?

Little sister and youngest is realizing for the 1st time she’s it, she is losing her fulltime partner in crime. Now she has no one to steal cloths from except her Mom who is not the fashion icon like her sister is. She is going to get stuck doing all the chores, so she is very sad.

WOW what has college become? On one hand you want the best for your kids on the other hand it is so nice I want to go back to college. They have co-ed dorm floors, 11 restaurants, a gym, pool and multiple game rooms, sounds like a freak’in carnival cruise for 4 years with 4000 single friends, where the hell did I just send my baby girl. This wonderful life experience is only going to cost me $18k a year, that was more than my 1st house, oh shit there I go sounding like my dad again, but it’s true, my 1st house was not that long ago, and the older I get, “not that long a go’s” get shorter & shorter.

So this is move in day and my baby girl is on her own, I am so proud of all my kids and every time one of them spread their wings to fly I get a bit emotional. I will wake up early the next day, I will feel her not in the house and I will smile and cry at the same time. I hate not being close enough to grab my gun if she needs me to kill some boy for her. So my job will change to worrier and plotter of all things I can do from home as I hope in my heart she will make good decisions, it is her time to shine and its dads time to let go.