Dear Diary, Took a spontaneous vacation day today. OK, don’t usually laundry list my accomplishments, mostly because at the end of the day I can’t remember a freak’n thing I did all day. Since I am having a spontaneous vacation day I find myself with nothing but time. When my wife left for work, she asked; what am I going to do today? Then she gave me the look, you know the “can you do some chores” look. I had no plans for the day except; go see my Dad.

Here is how the day panned out:

Saw my Dad

Came home, cleaned Kitchen

Folded Laundry on couch

Cleaned Dog dish

Went to Les Schwab to pay bill

Went to Bank to drop off signature

Washed car

Answered a few e-mails

Back home to eat leftover Meatloaf – made it a sandwich yummy

Hung Christmas Lights with dog

Lost dog

Found dog (Wife will get that joke)

Rewarded myself with a Popsicle in 20 degrees but sunny outside.

Got brain freeze, Posted Popsicle on Facebook.

Put dog in house so I wouldn’t lose her again.

Back in the house and the damn cats slept through the whole day, well its only 1:30 and I am going to binge watch some Netflix or take a nap or both!