Dear diary, when did I get fat? Who did this? I will forever wonder how the visceral fat has attacked my body like a ninja in the night when my defenses were down. I ate right, right of the fridge to the left. I can’t remember when it happened, in my teens I had abs then in my 20’s it changed to a 4 pack and in my 30’s it looked like a baby bump heading into the 3rd trimester. I seem to have stayed pregnant for 20 more years and now I carry around a pony keg.

Let’s look at a single day of food, breakfast 2 eggs, bacon, Chicken fried steak, biscuits & gravy and healthy Orange Juice, nope not breakfast.

Lunch is always a healthy treat, liverwurst sandwich on white with mayo, Lay’s chips for crunch, ice cold Pepsi and a pickle, nope all food groups accounted for here.

Now on to Dinner, this could be the culprit, Rib-eye Steak, Baked potato and yes a healthy salad with blue cheese and an ice cold beer. Well crap nothing here, looks like the daily diet is in check. The mystery may go on a few more years. I will study this more tonight right after my 9:30pm snack of whatever the kids didn’t finish for dinner. I think better on a full tummy.