Dear Diary, My favorite word of the year is starting to be the buzz, Holidays! That’s right Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. This is the non-diet days, not even my wife can keep track of all the candy, appetizers and libations that flow like Niagara Falls right into my mouth.

Let’s talk turkey, slow roasted buttery Butterball based turkey, moist in the bird Mrs. Cubbisons stuffing, mashed Grown in Idaho creamy potatoes with hot homemade gravy from the greasy drippings, stop,, give me a moment,,, when did this replace playboy. They say the average male thinks of sex every 6 seconds, I think when you get past 50 you think of food every 3 seconds.

Family traditions and holiday feast are the staples of memories and form the culture of your brood. May your Holidays be filled with God, Family, Love, Peace & of course lots of Food, what’s a Fat Dad without the food,,, cranky!